Do I Need Counseling?

Identifying when it’s time to take a step towards counseling can be difficult, but almost always there are some obvious indicators that help bring clarity to the decision. Below we have listed some possible indicators for counseling.

Do any of the statements below describe how you have been feeling?

  • “I wish I could talk to someone without fear of judgement.”

  • “It seems impossible to break free from these feelings of being sad and overwhelmed.”

  • “It’s a struggle for me to control my anger or to know where it comes from.”

  • “I have had a difficult time sleeping recently and cannot relax my mind.”

  • “I cannot remember the last time I felt like myself and I am beginning to wonder if I ever will again.”

  • “I have found myself recently not wanting to be around family or friends.”

  • “I struggle over and over again with the same issue and cannot seem to break free from it.”

  • “I have been saying some really harsh things to myself and don’t know why.”

Do any of the statements below describe your child in any way?

  • “My child struggles with his/her self esteem.”

  • “My child has been unnecessarily aggressive recently.”

  • “My child has been getting into trouble at school, or more than usual.”

  • “My child lost a loved one and doesn’t seem to be taking it very well.”

  • “My child is not adjusting to a separation / divorce.”

  • “My child has pulled back and withdrawn from our family / friends.”

  • “My child was recently abused and it has caused him/her to lose a little of their normal “self.”

  • “My child might be struggling with depression or anxiety.”

  • “My child has a mother/father on a deployment and is having difficulty adjusting to him/her being gone.”